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cat visconti arriving

the cat visconti channel is almost gasp. complete.  just waiting now for a final bit of metal worked rear ass covering solution . sounding perfect . it’s made to be a best quality mono recording channel with mic/di/line stages and 4 way eq and filters with processor insertabilty. the output of that can mix (or not) with two stereo line inputs. the listenator function runs either the alone channel or the mixture of the alone channel with the stereo inputs –  into one of two selected pairs of speakers.  alla fenkner functionality.

spooning catvisconti trident totally ekadeked

mind altering breakaway holiday? no freaking way.  the wiring is set and a power supply is made and its been running perfectly hot! . after sorting a couple of easy sorted  errs.  (its kind of difficult thing to photograph cos it lies on it’s side.  spooning).  really does work well tho. set  to try it out in karaoke session with the family over next few days. the mic amp sound is so fat and quiet with  mountain ranges of gain. the eq with its new backwards and flipped out order is richer and precise and more equalizer power full. …..    and YEP  i have indeed made a most awesome karoke mixer . hooked up my old grampian  spring reverb to the cats fx send and return, and wow. so good. theres at least a couple of jammed albums in this rig .

inside the cat visconti

the cat visconti gogo prototype channel is completely rocking. but it looks a bit strange.  it is just the  test bed of amps so far. even with its all unshielded looopey connecting wires and floating switches,  the sound is crystal clear and clean of noises or interferences.  the trident tsm 4 way -with filters eq  design is turned backwards and inside out.  now the H.F  has new mojo from coming first on top.  the L.F needed  utter lobotomy. the old chip band pass sweeping eq is changed out for a simple tough and tight 5 freq shelf eq. (neve 1080)  much better bass control with no lumps.

the  all transistor channel amplifiers are on this motherboard along with the jensen input and output trafos (ex of other parts of the trident console) . theres two gain controlled amps in series as the mic/line amp.  the series gain controlled preamps push the signal so long far forward with no noise – effortless big gain.  and then a fader and  post fader amp. theres also  an amp for the extra input section to feed the extra stereo output buss. so many extras. and then one other dual amp board that creates an isolated clean monitor send for a headphones system and a meter feeder..to . ah. feed the meter. the other mother  (r.h)- board is a stereo twin inverting stage buss amp and control room amps and stereo line buffer amps  designed to be a recording and monitoring unit for andrew’s loungeroom desktop computer set up. more pictures to come.

the cat visconti trident project

the cat visconti trident project. only a couple of 151 fabulous 1970’s TRIDENT TSM consoles  have ever washed up on these fine NZ shores. after being circuitry flavour for albums from artists like david bowie, ringo starr, and cat stevens. also metallica, elton john and the beatles (hey jude)  many many more –  even tony visconti had one in his good earth london studio where he mixed one of my all favourite records .  diamond dogs.  dam.

well the guts of it is… i just played my copy of diamond dogs thru my experimental cat visconti rig ..   and the trident sound is indeed awesome.  and rich.I reckon that-  in its day – musicians loved that 1. it sounded really good. – BIG – 2. and the eq was  wow wow selective. 3.  the big consoles had a engineers end 4.  a producers end. 5. AND 6. you could switch the switches and use all gazzillion chanels in-a-row for extra massive stereo mix downs. 7. have a real 70s mix down party where 8 or 9 people take on a few  instruments and mute buttons each.  rehearse some moves over few takes and tokes and then ….    to nail yet another iconic mixdown to a two track master tape.  fuck. those were the days. anyway – these consoles are huge. and need their own river mounted hydroelectric plant.  there are so many chips and the power supply is so huge that they present a real threat to the ecology and power line voltage drop. so my client who has the before mentioned gazzillion channels is needing to cull the desk channel electronics right down to bare sexy bones without any coke snorting steroid add slash hang ons – buffering amps – and non essential chains of integrated circuits. oh . and not to forget the numerous very unglamorous electronic switching. this trident and all the other chip desks of the day are awash with chains of chips.  too too much. so ive connected the output of the mic amp directly to the eq and then to the channel fader and output amplifier. and avoided about 30 chips!. (i mite be exagerating there)  the eqs need new pots and i dont think the fader boost cut controls were ever quite precise enough.  so the next stage is to design and build the prototype high breed cat visconti trident TSM channel version one point one. with all new metalwork and layout and that old fashioned klangenschmitt functionality .   i  love my job.