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multiecho hh twins

these twin spunky HH multiechos are NOT having sex. its just so rare that beauties like these could possibly be in the same room. so i just let them play around. and wow. they are good. they are gutted that they just missed out on a threesome! no further sexual innuendo intended. cos i JUST sent MY old HH to jonny boinkin of mank industries in queensland. ive had that  HH for years and years and it has never failed to do the stupid good push button echo-ing thing. ive made a heap of cool sounds with HH and this writhing track is pretty good too.


it features the HH doing multihead switching and regen blurpomatic interrupting stuff.  so HE can make a wild freaking hit LP record from one of his stonking fat songs with his new HH  . if not then i’ll be eating of my BOOT.

special effects feastanator

the effects feastanator.    an fx input and regeneration creation system. i think these are better off to be refined together.  so im going to build them into a transportable handled cabinet with clip on front and back covers. the tape echo needs to slide out on a tray (to carefully examine and take care of it’s tape and  machinery innards). and to connect the mixer and echo and reverb forever together.  i need a dubb switching performance ready  effects mixer. which i started there on the left top. each of the six channel inputs of the main mixer will have an aux send level  which momentary/on switches thru to one or both of the sound regenerators. spring reverb subtle/disaster and echo dreamy or funky. the big toggle go switch has a spring loaded momentary downwards position or a latching on position upwards. brilliant for tapping morse code or breaking up an echo beat and feedback send.  or any manner of creative play-able fx function combinations. it’ll be a hell of a thing. the echo and reverb have capability to regenerate in an on or morsed up state too. quite a bit of work to do but what a substantially insane cool toy at the end.

new LP record from nathan haines.

nathan haines band at york st with ekadek ampex

ace tone needs home

this old tape delay has just entered my world. and will be looking for a new home.  he’s all broke up and sad. already ive replaced the incomplete-parts-missing direct drive captain motor with a whole new bastard drive system.  the motor is from a radio station cart machine,  the flywheel/captain/bearing assembly is from a 1960 grundig tape recorder. a swiss german japanese kind of party. the electronics  work  and the functionality is there. i need to redesign the speed control circuit of course.  the ec-10 has had internet schtick because its replacement model – the first roland 201 space  echos  – had most all the ec-10 bugs ironed out. therefore they are a better catch ?.  i dont think so. im planning on making whatever mods i can to help it get right up hi fi and further.  even a new neever mixing equalizing output stage.  some record and playback amp fine tuning. a much improved power supply. and some tape path re engineering.

klark teknik Vs hh multi-echo time machine

the klark teknik dn34 analogue time processor. 1976. this toy twists and flips to see sound from all different angles of time. u can hold a sound still . pensive. and then move it dramatic in space. it can move a thing inside out of itself and back. the combination with hh multi- echo can lift a sound up right off the ground and then slam it down. this track is a simple bass riff with my hh tape echo and katee working all the spatial delay. a mono system will not play this correct. there’s too much out of phase.