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vortex valve spring reverb

all valve amplifiers.  the vortex is designed to be used in a control room situation.   fed from an aux send and equalizer –  either outboard or ITB –  so as to tailor the signal that hits the spring . and then the vortex output should feed another eq to feed the reverb back into the mix.  with THAT set up u can really get in there and create specific characters for different purposes. you can make a vast and bassey booming atmosphere on a bass guitar or synth or vocal. or you can make a splashey little fat crack under a snare drum. or make a very fantastic-realistic room sound drum and bass section. or add a single magical distortion to a guitar.

the spring tank is mounted out of the chassis. so as  to ‘ adjust ‘ it.    place bits of soft cloth or sheepskin ontop  the springs to damp the reverb time down. then drive the spring a bit harder ..   and wow. its pretty much there into lee perry land. some smart tweaking on the send and return eqs . to clean and refine the energies and wow wow its amazing.  the kind of depth and delicious fullness of a fat refined reverb can do.  yummy experimentation.

the vortex also features a very beaut switched internal speaker.   the function is there partly to test the signal that is hitting the spring. check for too much level –  distortion –  and the signal’s balance. very useful for getting the verb sound clean of  noises or too much bottom end. or whatever. the spring is very sensitive to it.

because the speaker and amp is  EF86. EL84 A-class hi fi and pretty fat sounding for its size – u can use the  vortex as an auxillary mini monitor. it is definitely good enough to be your ‘radio sound’. the speaker has a clear valvey tone that can fill a room.  the speaker has a pretty fat bottom end.

price is 1450nz$ .   inclusive of gst (in NZ)

there’s  an iceypole’s chance in hell –  that  software emulations can build that organic authentic sound – that feels so alive – like this real electromechanical device.

inside the cat visconti

the cat visconti gogo prototype channel is completely rocking. but it looks a bit strange.  it is just the  test bed of amps so far. even with its all unshielded looopey connecting wires and floating switches,  the sound is crystal clear and clean of noises or interferences.  the trident tsm 4 way -with filters eq  design is turned backwards and inside out.  now the H.F  has new mojo from coming first on top.  the L.F needed  utter lobotomy. the old chip band pass sweeping eq is changed out for a simple tough and tight 5 freq shelf eq. (neve 1080)  much better bass control with no lumps.

the  all transistor channel amplifiers are on this motherboard along with the jensen input and output trafos (ex of other parts of the trident console) . theres two gain controlled amps in series as the mic/line amp.  the series gain controlled preamps push the signal so long far forward with no noise – effortless big gain.  and then a fader and  post fader amp. theres also  an amp for the extra input section to feed the extra stereo output buss. so many extras. and then one other dual amp board that creates an isolated clean monitor send for a headphones system and a meter feeder..to . ah. feed the meter. the other mother  (r.h)- board is a stereo twin inverting stage buss amp and control room amps and stereo line buffer amps  designed to be a recording and monitoring unit for andrew’s loungeroom desktop computer set up. more pictures to come.

multiecho hh twins

these twin spunky HH multiechos are NOT having sex. its just so rare that beauties like these could possibly be in the same room. so i just let them play around. and wow. they are good. they are gutted that they just missed out on a threesome! no further sexual innuendo intended. cos i JUST sent MY old HH to jonny boinkin of mank industries in queensland. ive had that  HH for years and years and it has never failed to do the stupid good push button echo-ing thing. ive made a heap of cool sounds with HH and this writhing track is pretty good too.


it features the HH doing multihead switching and regen blurpomatic interrupting stuff.  so HE can make a wild freaking hit LP record from one of his stonking fat songs with his new HH  . if not then i’ll be eating of my BOOT.

nathan haines. jazz at york street studios

it was nathan’s  jazz dream.  to make a great record in one  weekend.   wild jazz quartet music recorded thoroughly old jazz school. big fat nuemann mikes all up the place. single mike on the drums. love that. fat 3/4 bass. stinking big steinway concert grand for gods sake. and sax. just … such a good sound. so expansive and expensive. recorded live mixed on york streets  neve direct to my ampex 300/351  1/2″ stereo tape deck .   the 300 was made to have a robot human stand in front of it pushing the buttons.  so i was tape op.  i didnt have a close monitor at all and have dreamt/drawn up this ultimate rebuild for my mr ampex. the massiveman.

reverb with the bafflelator

there is a reason i’ve got so much ‘junk’ . boxes and cabinets and suitcases full of all sorts of crap. in the house  – under the house – behind the house. bits and pieces of mechanisms from houses – appliances – cars – bikes  –  wheelchairs – furniture –  kitchen sinks  –  radio – test equipment – tape recorders.
and then  a funky issue requires an innovative solution – we wallow in that soup til the screamingly obvious thing smacks us in between the eyes.  powerful shit actually.  then igor has let loose and made this bafflelator mechanism. out of a twirly screw thingy from a edwardian window adjustor and a chopped off corner of 70s turntable. the mechanism moves the whole  40mm polystyrene baffle from quite distance away – to hard up against it. interesting. so the plate is totally a winner now. can do very natural dirty realistic warm reverberation in many dimensions. he also has a very searing short short delay setting . phazing almost. hard as a nail direct across the plate. a freakingly dynamic effect. – a welcome addition at the coalface. i’ll add some good soundfiles to this post asap.  it really sounds awesome.

amplifire mixers gang show

the ekadek &  igor and i have been super enterprising. and have completed all this gear over november – december period . state of mind’s 14/4/2/2/2 mixer for live GOGOmodel3 is off on first NZ summer tour.  and the ekatron matrix 16/6  & micro 10/2 auxiliary mixers  live in a box for now with the big 16 channel ekatron 32 tube   M.B one preamplifier. its their big  OE.

ray the amazing delay

philips EL6910 serial #507 1960. the tall and handsome ray the delay. 216kg. ray gets played as a tight and twisted space delay maker. he makes extreme excited and churning close up … and up to … longer rattleee delay timings. the regen mixer chassis has momentary regen mute and ‘preset full on’ button switches that are large and springy and playable. the 4 head amps have indivdual gain controls. they can be quite clean and also very very dirty. heres a 3 meg mp3 of ray churing and clacking into a rythym track. and heres another mp3 of that rythym track with one more completely ray-ed up sound. (thanks for that beaut sound dirac).

if you want to hear what hes like on a sound of yours … send me that thing. i’ll ray it up and blip that rayed thing right back.

he was made in zurich by exiled valve rocket scientists out of old valve rocket parts. those crazy guys! everything about how ray is designed and built is mental expensive over the top military like. cast iron with extra steel. 28 special quality tubes. 8 split layered class A signal transformers. and a 600 rpm precision bearing power turbine disk system recording/playing back across a paper thin air gap. nope. the v.s.t plug in does not exist.