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new LP record from nathan haines.

nathan haines band at york st with ekadek ampex

the celestial lafayette luxman system

local jazz legend NATHAN HAINES has long time been a friend of ekadek.  so even though i don’t work on alot of domestic music equipment,  i did  make him a stereo system … which i think he loves. here’s his testimony. “My brief for Ekadek was simple – I wanted to play my jazz vinyl at home on a system that would replicate the listening pleasure afforded those when the records were new…in other words a valve amp with matched vintage speakers. After some searching Greg came up with the chassis of a mid 60’s Lafayette amp (with pre), then went about ordering parts from the US and getting the amp going perfect again. He also sourced a pair of Celestion Ditton 15 speakers from the 60’s at a very reasonable price. After buying an early 70’s Luxman turntable to match , I was understandably excited when he arrived at my house with the equipment in tow – another example of how Greg looks after his customers and really cares about the outcome of his work. I was astonished at the sound from the system – literally never before had I heard my vinyl sounding so translucent, real and defined – and this is with records I have owned for over 20 years! At home listening to records,  I have never been happier” Nathan Haines.

friend of ekadek

famous jazz musician and producer nathan haines has borrowed gear from me a couple of times. has loved it and has written these kind words.“I have used Greg’s equipment on several sessions and I have to say it’s fantastic sounding gear! Warm, translucent and with that real ‘vintage’ sound. His pre-amps are perfect for adding depth and character to any instrument or voice.”

hes talking about the cute MB1 valve mic amp called PHILLIP

and the ekadek/neve 535/538 all transistor stereo mic amp. theres a four channel channel version eka/neve 535/538 too.