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ace tone needs home

this old tape delay has just entered my world. and will be looking for a new home.  he’s all broke up and sad. already ive replaced the incomplete-parts-missing direct drive captain motor with a whole new bastard drive system.  the motor is from a radio station cart machine,  the flywheel/captain/bearing assembly is from a 1960 grundig tape recorder. a swiss german japanese kind of party. the electronics  work  and the functionality is there. i need to redesign the speed control circuit of course.  the ec-10 has had internet schtick because its replacement model – the first roland 201 space  echos  – had most all the ec-10 bugs ironed out. therefore they are a better catch ?.  i dont think so. im planning on making whatever mods i can to help it get right up hi fi and further.  even a new neever mixing equalizing output stage.  some record and playback amp fine tuning. a much improved power supply. and some tape path re engineering.

ray the amazing delay

philips EL6910 serial #507 1960. the tall and handsome ray the delay. 216kg. ray gets played as a tight and twisted space delay maker. he makes extreme excited and churning close up … and up to … longer rattleee delay timings. the regen mixer chassis has momentary regen mute and ‘preset full on’ button switches that are large and springy and playable. the 4 head amps have indivdual gain controls. they can be quite clean and also very very dirty. heres a 3 meg mp3 of ray churing and clacking into a rythym track. and heres another mp3 of that rythym track with one more completely ray-ed up sound. (thanks for that beaut sound dirac).

if you want to hear what hes like on a sound of yours … send me that thing. i’ll ray it up and blip that rayed thing right back.

he was made in zurich by exiled valve rocket scientists out of old valve rocket parts. those crazy guys! everything about how ray is designed and built is mental expensive over the top military like. cast iron with extra steel. 28 special quality tubes. 8 split layered class A signal transformers. and a 600 rpm precision bearing power turbine disk system recording/playing back across a paper thin air gap. nope. the v.s.t plug in does not exist.