ekadekatron systems

the ekadekatron. two fat lady vari-mu limiting amplifiers. and a two 3 WAYS equalizers.   goes like stink! adam (empire audio labs) reckons the eq is more effective than a pultec eqp1a.  and the limiter amps are like a mothers love …  18 tubes total.


heres a link to the prodigy.pro  community that i made a posting on while producing adam’s ekadekatron. with more details about this beast. splat.

this  ekadekatron system is a 10  into 2 micromixer. 16 into 6 matrixmixer. and the twin ekadekatron amplifire tubenator units . 16 channels of pultec MB1  line amps.  thats 32 tube.  20 rack units.