Tube EQ

the eq that ive made a few of is baxandal bass & treble & boosting inductor selected midrange(6 freq). this one (top) has a big military 6080 transformerless low impedance output(160ohms right out the tube) and is a great embellishment tool i.e not a problem ditching one. the other eqs here are a (transistor) astor (60’s australian neumann copy) and a discrete 3 way sweepable mid eq i made to prove to myself the design of the cambridge eqs that were in my mixing console.

this is vortexion 3ways. a 3 way eq. boosting/cutting bass & treble at 4 shelf frequencies. a 12 frequency inductive mid boosting stage and picked up with a pultec MB1 amp.

and rojer. a new ekadek item. 3 tube chassis. mic/di/line input. 2 way eq with hi frequency filtering. pultec MB1 picking up amplifier. i built this into an old valve stereo preamplifier cabinet. it sounds really sweet and fat.