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1/2 inch 2 track 4 band eq 8 channel mic amp active active cross over active filter active mixer active xover Add new tag ampex ampex 300 ampex 351 analog echo analog reel to reel audimax 4440A BBC AM7/11 amplifier BBC NEEVER. leak point one black lion boutique recording gear boutique with balls bucket brigade compressor control room CONTROL ROOM AMPLIFIER control room monitor section control room volume control crm cross over crossover custom design service custom mixer custom recording amplifier delay digital delay disc delay discrete discrete amplifier discrete crossover discrete eq discrete mic amp dj mixer drum machine echo echotape ekadekatron ekadekatron mastering rig ekadek music ekadek original music electric badge eq equalizer equizer fender blues deville amplifier mod fenkner fx loop mixer germanium amp germanium transistor ghetto blaster grampian grampian 636 hh multi-echo hh multiecho jamming rig jansen jansen 6 twenty jansen 6/20 jansen amplifier karretta klankastraat klark teknik dn34 korg ms20 leak 20 leak amplifier leak point one line level mixer mank industries mastering mic amp mic amp fx loop mic amp stagebox microphone amplifier mint chicks mixer.mixing console mixer mod mixer modification multiband multiband eq nathan haines neever bbc amp neve neve 538 neve 1080 neve 1080 equalizer neve amps neve electronics neve eq neve equalizer neve mic amp neve mixer NEVE MIXING AMPLIFER NRU nru electronics patchbay madness performance mixer performing mixer phono phono amplifier phono mixer phono preamplifier plate reverb plate reverberation poet portable recording preamp pultec mb1 pultec mb1 mic preamp recording console reverb reverb plate revox simple audio mixer' speaker switcher spring reverb stagebox stereo control eq stereo equalizer stereo limiter stereo mastering eq sugarlicks summing mixer tac tac console tac scorpion tac scorpion mixer tape echo telefunken V372 the ghost tones the mank the raw nerves theremin tony visconti transistor amplifier transistor equalizer transistor microphone amp transistor mixer trident b range trident console trident tsm tube compressor tube console tube eq tube phono stage tube preamp tube recording console tube spring reverb unknown mortal orchestra V372 valave compressor vale phono valve amplifier valve compressor valve eq VALVE EQUALIZER valve guitar amp valve mixer valve phono stage valve preamp valve spring reverb vari - mu limiter amplifier VARI MU LIMITING AMPLIFIER venn productions vintage tape machine vinyl volume control xover

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