vortexion spring reverb

the vortexion is designed to be used in a control room situation.   fed from a  aux send and equaliser –  either outboard or ITB – so as to tailor the signal that hits the spring.  very important . and then the vortex output should feed another eq to feed the reverb back into the mix.  with that set up u can really get in there and create specific characters for different purpose. you can make a vast and bassey booming atmosphere on a bass guitar or synth. or you can make a splashey little fat crack under a snare drum. or make a very fantastic-realistic room sound drum and bass section. or add a single magical distortion to a guitar.

the spring tank is mounted out of the chassis. so as  to ‘ adjust ‘ it.    place bits of soft cloth or sheepskin ontop  the springs to damp the reverb time down. then drive the spring a bit harder ..   and wow. its pretty much there into lee perry land. some smart tweaking on the send and return eqs . to clean and refine the energies and wow wow its amazing.  the kind of depth and delicious fullness of a fat refined reverb can do.  yummy.

theres only an iceypole’s chance in hell that a software emulation can build that organic authentic sound – that feels so alive – like these real electromechanical devices.

the vortexion also features a really beaut  switched internal speaker.   the function is there to test the signal that is hitting the spring. check for too much level distortion and the sound balance. very useful for getting the verb sound clean of raspey harsh too ugly noises or to much bottom end. the spring is very sensitive to it.

the speaker and amp is  EF86. EL84 A-class hi fi and pretty fat sounding for its size. u can use the  vortexion as an auxillary mini monitor. it is definitely good enough. the speaker has a clear valvey tone that can fill a room.  the speaker has a very fat low volume bottom end.

price is 1450$.   inclusive of gst and delivery within NZ.

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