special effects feastanator

the effects feastanator.    an fx input and regeneration creation system. i think these are better off to be refined together.  so im going to build them into a transportable handled cabinet with clip on front and back covers. the tape echo needs to slide out on a tray (to carefully examine and take care of it’s tape and  machinery innards). and to connect the mixer and echo and reverb forever together.  i need a dubb switching performance ready  effects mixer. which i started there on the left top. each of the six channel inputs of the main mixer will have an aux send level  which momentary/on switches thru to one or both of the sound regenerators. spring reverb subtle/disaster and echo dreamy or funky. the big toggle go switch has a spring loaded momentary downwards position or a latching on position upwards. brilliant for tapping morse code or breaking up an echo beat and feedback send.  or any manner of creative play-able fx function combinations. it’ll be a hell of a thing. the echo and reverb have capability to regenerate in an on or morsed up state too. quite a bit of work to do but what a substantially insane cool toy at the end.

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