i got raw nerves vinyl

wow. the raw nerves have punk energy that i never heard. cos i wasnt exactly a punk in the seventies. too satisfied in my middle class schlepp (that i never even thort about a bit)  but i loved the  music..  and this music. hi energy close up . heavy AND  funny. the singer is a screaming coil , the guitar is a  machine of chunky juicy riffs. the bass is fast and solid and booming. the drums are smashing and tell the  story. the song style is melodic. with completely spitting  delivery . the backing vocals are incredibly so realistic and haunting. just beautiful. i helped mix these recordings with alex and the band at the old remuera mansion. nothing  can take out the dirty garage from this record tho. it seethes with oiley street smell. side two is particularly awesome. a  punk party album for  all time in our household. thanks alex for inviting me to work with you on this great record. respect.

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