got the new mank vinyl

mank industries are folks im proud to be friends and gear dealers for. they specialise in monster beats – killer bass and monumental swaggar. and beautiful music.  melodic and trippy. scarey with passion – just enough.  and all that on vinyl. my god its so so so fat and clear. about the most fattest juiciest lp records ive ever ever heard. just enough top end to be clear and not sharp . transparency — wow . i can see for fucking miles.  the deep deep low bass with no booffey over exagerated low range humps. just strong defined bass sounds.  jonny boinkin is my bitch and i am his. he is the beats and production artist of the mank. he has a completely wicked stack of pretty sweet pretty nasty valve and transistor ekadek gear all stashed up in the queensland hills. secret locale near nambour i think. modified leak  valve eqs. fenkner pultec MB1 preamps. a big big limiter amp BRIAN. and a very special mixer gogo monitor control device .  that uses a genuine neve 535 stereo line output power amp. like hi-def loud powerful output. he has beaut mics and is very accommodatory (if that’s even a word). heres them.

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