Monthly Archive for February, 2010

six vu meter bridge

today i needed to veer off track to prepare final fitment for the new made meter bridge attachmentisation to the control panel. its gone to the painters now for a transformer grey coating. the meters & the spare are old masters instruments sydney  vus. seventy mm cut out. fast like bullets. its an awesome looking thing. with just right angles and fatness shape.  it looks like a hot rod air scoop. dam expensive.

gogo circuits

these are the new boards for the klangenschmitt gogo model2. there are 16 preamps. 20 post fader amps. 9 virtual ground mix amps. ten single end output amps.  6 floating balanced hi level amps.  and 6 meter amps. its been a busy week and my eyes are completely magnified out.  ive been a freaking factory.  rechecking each circuit for every detail at every component attachment moment   .. and ive just spent the afternoon testing all the amps. and discovered only a couple o faulty circuits . a solder bridge splot and one small piece o wire missing. one completely bad transistor. not freaking bad.

febuary 2010 klang love

febuary pinup of klang

febuary pinup of klang

virtually all the console wiring and isolating transformers are in place now, ready to attach to the amplifier circuits. a total of 64 operational, preamp and output stages. ive made up the circuitboards and edged them and placed them all into the console frame to try them on/in for size and ergonomics. this next week will see the boards populated and tested.