Monthly Archive for August, 2008

klark teknik Vs hh multi-echo time machine

the klark teknik dn34 analogue time processor. 1976. this toy twists and flips to see sound from all different angles of time. u can hold a sound still . pensive. and then move it dramatic in space. it can move a thing inside out of itself and back. the combination with hh multi- echo can lift a sound up right off the ground and then slam it down. this track is a simple bass riff with my hh tape echo and katee working all the spatial delay. a mono system will not play this correct. there’s too much out of phase.

ekadekatron. fat ladys. 3WAYs.

the ekadekatron. two fat lady vari mu limiting amplifiers. and a two 3 WAYS equalizers. 18 tubes total. goes like stink! adam (empire audio labs) reckons the eq is better and more effective than a pultec eqp1a. and the limiter amps are like a mothers love (?) but hey! enough with the similie. they have their own sound dimension believe me. please send a short sound file to test me.


venn fender blues deville. two heads in one.

david (venn prod. & karretta) had been playing two blue devilles for a while and wanted to join/control them together somehow. so i made a new plywood cabinet – strapped the amps together – added the stereo controls – added a stereo power soaking line output device. the whole kit sounds fantastic … the speakers sound has improved from not having the chassis in them too. they have rounder fuller tone.. more resonant.

ray the amazing delay

philips EL6910 serial #507 1960. the tall and handsome ray the delay. 216kg. ray gets played as a tight and twisted space delay maker. he makes extreme excited and churning close up … and up to … longer rattleee delay timings. the regen mixer chassis has momentary regen mute and ‘preset full on’ button switches that are large and springy and playable. the 4 head amps have indivdual gain controls. they can be quite clean and also very very dirty. heres a 3 meg mp3 of ray churing and clacking into a rythym track. and heres another mp3 of that rythym track with one more completely ray-ed up sound. (thanks for that beaut sound dirac).

if you want to hear what hes like on a sound of yours … send me that thing. i’ll ray it up and blip that rayed thing right back.

he was made in zurich by exiled valve rocket scientists out of old valve rocket parts. those crazy guys! everything about how ray is designed and built is mental expensive over the top military like. cast iron with extra steel. 28 special quality tubes. 8 split layered class A signal transformers. and a 600 rpm precision bearing power turbine disk system recording/playing back across a paper thin air gap. nope. the v.s.t plug in does not exist.

ekadek junk audio pimping

for years i been collecting old portable amplifier and tape recorder chassis. old radios/stereos and public address systems. even 19″ rack cabinets and other fancy cake tins. they all can make characterful cabinets for new things. ive mostly built pultec MB1 microphone/di amplifiers into them.

my latest one has a mic amp and beaut equaliser going on. meet rojer.

the eq design is from a peculiar old american hi fi amp. that eq idea coupled with a mic matching front end and a MB1 final amp makes for a tight three tube chassis. the sound of the entire thing is really strong and sweet. massively deep bass boost or cut. transparent top end boost and cut. and an extra hi frequency filter to smooth off any harshness. the bass and treble controls are very independant and the midrange is always rock solid right there. fat and true. so send a sound file of yours to test it.

2 track tape mastering

at last! this machine is alive and on line. its taken an age to rebuild and modify. and finally has brand spanking new 1/2 ” 2 track heads. the recordings are very fat and clear. very kind to transient peak levels. you can drive more sound signal at him. and he never really breaks up … just gets more glued. the playback is awesome. really big and solid. ultimate analogue really …hugh from goldbaby recorded and resampled his TR808 drummer from this machine. so send me a soundfile and i’ll record it onto mr ampex and i guarantee youll like the difference that a good tape recording can make. the first demo can be free. thereafter by easy negotiation.