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klangenschmitt mixer in new york


“”  GREG.  Seriously, what the hell?!  This thing sounds amazing. So fat, silky, smooth, and versatile. She’s all routed in and just sounding freaking sweet.  Every channel rings clear and gorgeous.  So many options now. Like so many. The gain on these channels is endearing.  You seriously blew right past my hopes and dreams on this one. Nice job.
I’ll keep the updates coming.  – Christian


estonia dan and the fatlady

2015 model

dan warren from estonia just got back after getting to know his new fatlady for a bit.


This thing is very aptly named – while it’s fatter than hell, it is still elegantly transparent and full spectrum, no “rolled-off” anything here – which is fine by me, I’ll roll it off myself thanks.  Actually this is one of the most striking revelations from this until – I no longer need 90% of the EQ I’ve grown so accustomed to using.  I had the exact same experience with the kaimaitron channel – it’s a selective view of reality – it makes a nasally voice interesting rather than obnoxious, it reveals emotion in a lazy delivery.  3D, 4D, it reads your good intentions. 

Lady: It sounds down to earth and organic – I would not say that there’s a lot of glamorous, glossy shine here – it sparkles in its own way.  Pure and transparent but you can get tons of grit and edge.  That’s what happens when you rinse with grain alcohol instead of water.  The squeeze itself is magic – the presence is a self-contained world, living in its own space, super thick, and nothing to do with hype, brightness, or tizzy excitedness. 

Fat: it is a weighty, weighty signal that comes out.   It adds like a full lower octave to bass – again, EQ is out of that chain now, which blows my mind.  I’ve been running electric guitar through it with no limiting just to get the saturation – which, speaking of saturation, I’ve been trying to find a deal on a good tube reel to reel for some time but now I’m thinking the drive knob on this compressor may have rendered that whole search moot.  The saturation I get with the drive has the same grit and bounciness as tape; even the subtle noise floor from cranked drive settings is tape-like to my ears.  So that could save me like 4 thousand bucks and all the pain in the ass of dealing with a reel to reel – and that’s always nice!  Pretty soon I’m going to record a baritone sax – I cannot wait for the meeting of this box and that sax. 

Can’t thank you enough for your creation.  I do have a question though: under the meter there’s a Zero knob and at the bottom left there’s a V1 knob – what are they?  

ah haaa… yes.. that’s cunning stunt method to fine align the balance of the twin push pull varimu gain cell. 2 of EF83.  1. mute input signal. 2. select V1 and V2  by  rotating the meter select switch. that comparison of v1 v2 will show on the meter .3. fine tune V1 measurement with the V1 fine gain control (below the meter switch). adjust V1 as  necessary to make reading within bees dick bang on  .  of v2 reading. . this fine adjustment reduces the amount of signal distortion in the limiting state. 

the ‘0’ position on the meter switch will deactivate the limiting dynamic control function and render the fat lady as a beautiful fat juicey line amplifier.

the ‘lim’ position turns the limiting control to GO of course.

thanks for the  review dan.  great writing.





“gidday! How are you? Just wanted to let you know the kaimaitron is going strong. Really getting to know my way around it now. It’s really amazing how many different tones come out of this thing from clean and clear to fat and warm to fizzy and aggressive. I’d still like to get the germanium stage up and running but even without it this thing has become a centerpiece and I’ve done everything on the new album through it. Apart from the beautiful quality of sound in itself, it’s also a very unique sound. What’s the latest?”

many thanks to  ruban from U.M.O  for those words.



kaimaitron telefunken V372 amp

james duncan guitarist creationist-contortionist for dimmer and sjd  and punches  bort a telefunken V372 module off of ebay and asked me to add a preamping stage to it.  so i made a neever preamp with a handmade mic inputting  transformer AND a switchable germanium transistor stage as well , the germ amp  does a  smoothe sweet  edge  to  top end when run at a ‘normal’ kind of level input. and  if you boost it’s input to overload it – wow it can really get on fire – a very sustained burnt up kind of distortion.  so –  a really fat and clean clean sound  OR  varying degrees of audio assassination badness  is available.

after james received the kaimai telefunking amp he quick-as wrote back –

“I hate to speak colloquially but “BRO” I had a crack on it last night and its off the hook. The neever section is just what i was looking for. Thick, warm and big.. I’m so very stoked. The Ger-mania section is crazy and will take a little getting used to, but in all honesty I was a little skeptical at first of the Pultec pre/guitar amp combo. Now its my number one recording guitar amp because of all the tubey tone possibilities. So I’m very much looking forward to finding out how to use it. (ek – not quite sure what james is saying  right there – but he’s quite left field so maybe he’s actually fallen off of the field all together) This pre is a total win Greg. Thanks! “

the kaimai telefunken will surprise and amaze . a  different voice which can be like a gentle horned diva or mangley bitch with guts hanging loose. blood. yes a buttload of blood. … got to get out more.


i got raw nerves vinyl

wow. the raw nerves have punk energy that i never heard. cos i wasnt exactly a punk in the seventies. too satisfied in my middle class schlepp (that i never even thort about a bit)  but i loved the  music..  and this music. hi energy close up . heavy AND  funny. the singer is a screaming coil , the guitar is a  machine of chunky juicy riffs. the bass is fast and solid and booming. the drums are smashing and tell the  story. the song style is melodic. with completely spitting  delivery . the backing vocals are incredibly so realistic and haunting. just beautiful. i helped mix these recordings with alex and the band at the old remuera mansion. nothing  can take out the dirty garage from this record tho. it seethes with oiley street smell. side two is particularly awesome. a  punk party album for  all time in our household. thanks alex for inviting me to work with you on this great record. respect.

got the new mank vinyl

mank industries are folks im proud to be friends and gear dealers for. they specialise in monster beats – killer bass and monumental swaggar. and beautiful music.  melodic and trippy. scarey with passion – just enough.  and all that on vinyl. my god its so so so fat and clear. about the most fattest juiciest lp records ive ever ever heard. just enough top end to be clear and not sharp . transparency — wow . i can see for fucking miles.  the deep deep low bass with no booffey over exagerated low range humps. just strong defined bass sounds.  jonny boinkin is my bitch and i am his. he is the beats and production artist of the mank. he has a completely wicked stack of pretty sweet pretty nasty valve and transistor ekadek gear all stashed up in the queensland hills. secret locale near nambour i think. modified leak  valve eqs. fenkner pultec MB1 preamps. a big big limiter amp BRIAN. and a very special mixer gogo monitor control device .  that uses a genuine neve 535 stereo line output power amp. like hi-def loud powerful output. he has beaut mics and is very accommodatory (if that’s even a word). heres them.

philip ontop the heap

geez. philip has some fine company there. damian is up to his neck with  united audio la2a. wunder audio and a manley vox box. philip has been in our family along time scrapping it out with the odds and bods around the place. and getting lent out a bit to friends.  the wife and kids will miss this handy little fine strong sounding tube mic di preamp. not to worry . he’s gone to an appreciative home.

Hi Ek,
Sorry about the late reply. I have Philp at home and have given him a good workout.
Wow! Very smooth and quite open sounding, it smoothed out any harsh plucks of my
acoustic and rendered a real balanced smooth tone.
I actually liked it more than my Manley Voxbox in this instance! In the end it was a
hard choice between my Wunder Peq2r and Philip, they both were great in different
ways. Anyway I just want to let you know this preamp represents pure tonal bliss and
at the price I got it for it puts some of my other pre’s to shame 😉

commando news from jungles of te pahu

bevan has writen back after living commando style. seems he has trouble of the balls in the wifes purse variety tho . .. hes not the only one mate . just goes to show how much trouble a man will go thru to run with the good stuff. ekadek stuff. read on.  Hi Greg.    Sorry it has taken such a long time to email you, but I’m guessing you’ve been fairly pre-occupied with the big shift in any case.
I hear you’re in Matamata now? Hope you found a nice place and are enjoying the lovely country life.

The studio has been up and running for a couple of months now. I’ve recorded a couple of local teen bands, a local jazz trio, some school bands from Hauraki Plains College (music teacher is a good friend) and a couple of other things. I’ve got lots of people lined up keen to make use of the space so I’m happy with how it has turned out.

Gear-wise, I’ve got a simple but effective setup. I’ve been recording drums with just a beta52 on kick, sm57 on snare and a TLM -102 as a single overhead. All going through the very classy Ekadek Commando (the original that is!). My lovely 60s Rogers kit sounds awesome through it. I’ve used the DI for the bass guitar (1974 Hayman 4040!), as well as a ribbon mic, and both sound warm and full. For vocals, I’ve tried the TLM-102 and the ribbon mic and it’s hard to pick which is better. Such a different sound of course but they both respond well through the preamps. (I like using the ribbon mic on vox and horns because you get to wind the gain and volume pots right the fuck up!).

Now, I do have a problem with the Commando. I’m already indebted to my lovely wife, as she basically funded it. Now I want another one because it seems such a shame to not put everything through such awesome preamplification when recording a band live. Ah, I will just have to be patient I guess, and save my pennies…

Anyway, I am completely stoked with my Commando. It is the centrepiece of the studio, and I’m honoured to have one of your fantastic creations.

I am already thinking about the next one. My ultimate setup would be to have another 4 channel commando just like the original, with an additional 2u rack of input meters, patched into both preamp racks. Is that possible? Wouldn’t be in the near future though, so just something to think about.

Anyway, hope everything is going well for you and the family.
Thanks again

ferralgrapha results are in

alex got back just today. he is loving his system i reckon. p.s. The Ferralgrapha is bloody excellent mate! I’ve done two recordings so far and even been trying it out in live situations. It treats everything so beautifully! Been getting some really luscious sounds with it. When i have some mixed examples i’ll write you a proper review for your website – with a link to a recording, so the people in internet-land can hear the magic!
thanks alex.  meanwhile i’ve packed up and moved my tons complete with wife and children to the country. we’ve wanted to do it for ages and have at last made the shift. so ekadek has a new lab  – well , two actually. the end 6 feet of a largish shed overlooking a pretty backyard. and a tall workstation in the living room beside the fire.   far from the agrovated noise and relentless bustle of the big smelly expensive city. everything is so different down here. the air – the vibe – the smiley happy to help locals. a great change for the family and for ekadek to hunker down unhindered by the stinky taxing city and soon to stride out with some awesome new product designs. matamata is a great little place! it is situated in the centre of a large farming district so theres a lot of small efficient industry here.  and a veritable heap of creative folks doing their thing without worrying too much about keeping up with the joneses.  its most famous attraction is the ‘lord of the rings’ hobbiton film set.  it really is beautiful down here – idyllic.  just like the movie.  we are renting a  nice small house within matamata  town for a few months while we settle into work again and take our sweet time to find and purchase a property out  in the countryside proper.

minifenk in zebs world

zebulon wrote me the day after he picked up his new minifenk control room monitor station.
Hi Greg,
the fenk sounds great, I listened to music for a couple of hours last night. I
instantly noticed the mid range was not smeary, snare drums sounded tighter & overall
it sounded like there was more space & depth in that range. The low end seems to be
more defined, so frequencies in the upper low range sound less boomy, low lows sound
tight & thick. The high frequencies sound less fatigued & cloudy. In a nutshell, it
sounds like I have removed a kind of hifi emulation in my signal path.
I love this thing, it sounds fantastic, thank you very much. Zeb.

gyrator ten8tor tested

David Chechelashvili is one of the tutors at SAE sound recording college branch here in auckland. he spent time at ekadek mastering an album for ‘battle circus’ last year  and just recently took a luxury gyrator ten8tor home for a try out.  his words.

“This EQ is something very special. It seems to penetrate the sound fundamentally and rebuild it rather than add on top of what’s already there. It never sounds hyped or fake even at extreme settings! I tried it on several instruments like drums, guitars, vocals and bass and it sounded great on all of them. However, I found it to be most effective (amazing really) on richer, pad-like sounds like strings, piano, organ, synth, etc. on these instruments it really shines. Sweeping the hi-mid frequencies while applying generous amounts of gain produces a truly magical result – adding depth and lushness of sound only a top quality analogue EQ can provide. Well done Mr. Ekadek! Another uncompromisingly organic piece of kit.  Dave “

thanks dave. ek.

ten8tor gyrator 100% love

heres the word from mastering engineer and serato minion wrangler –  zebulon bult .

Hi Greg,
thanks for lending me the TEN8TOR, I got excellent results out of it & I really can’t praise this EQ enough, it sounds wonderful!
Here is some feedback from my experience with it.
I used the EQ in two different ways, tracking mono & stereo drum sounds/instruments. I did this from an MPC 3000, into an Apogee Duet 2.
I also recorded several stereo mixes through the TEN8TOR, I did this from an Apogee Duet 1 into an RME FF800 & also from an RME ADI 8 into a FF800.
The results I got from tracking the drums were good. It was easy to add presence to all sounds, even if subtractive EQ’ing was necessary in some circumstances. I found it noticeably worthwhile to just track through it without gaining or reducing any particular frequency range, because it added warmth & presence. The filters sound smooth & rich but also clean & open, very musical.
Mix Bus
The mixes I was recording were coming straight out of Logic 9 & in this workflow, it really shined. It became clear to me that this EQ was nothing less than mastering grade & it had a special character. I did not use it in conjunction with my summing mixer, pultec EQ or compressor/limiter. I went straight from a stereo D/A, into the EQ, then back into the A/D. I found I was very quick in finding a no compromise mix adjustment. The TEN8TOR can add a subtle brilliance to a good mix but it also has the ability to make a rough mix sound more punchy & defined, also polished, without the obvious issue of major compromise. It’s obviously not intended to be a transparent fix your mix tool, but was surprising ly good at dealing with less than satisfactory material. The best possible scenario for this EQ is obviously a flat, well mixed track that allows you room to push it. It was a pleasure to use the TEN8TOR & I would love to have one permanently in my studio.
Sections & their parameters are well spaced out with plenty of room to move.
Top quality switches and pots, large knobs that feel great to use
Thick and warm tone that is musical all the way through it’s range.
Low noise, even with hi gain, especially when you take into account that it’s unbalanced.
Total bypass and band bypass
Peak and Shelf Equalization

Con’s:  (ekadek : fair enuff that zeb didnt like some stuff. thats ok . but its my blog so i’ll chime in  if i want.) The back panel lacks rigidity when connecting & removing cable jacks.  (fixed screw – thanks for pointing that out 🙂 Stepped pots for filters restrict the ability to make real time filter changes  (yes – the steps mite sound a bit odd. the special filter electronics are such fine tuned up resistor sets. u cant make a 6 gang pot that does the 6 different values and curves for under about a bazzillion $ each )  Unbalanced, more susceptible to noise.( transformer balanced is good . transformers just make it cost more) Low to Hi frequencies from right to left, this took a little while to get use too.  (fair enough – i like it that way tho –  when u turn it on its side, it becomes a perfect XXL extra huge large format console channelstrip . 4 – 8 – even 16 of these babies in a big desk. so cool and expensive. my fantastic console dream .  and it encourages/requires a different intell approach – method – style – what have you. its fresh. )

thanks zeb. the gyrator ten8tor has gotten 100% raving reviews so far. we are in love. theres just one left for sale now.  and we are  in prep  for a second limited run version two after christmas.

gyrator ten8tor testimony

i helped chris shelswell of  DREAM CONFIG with the recapping of a TAC mixing console and the get-going of his control room.   he played with our ten8tor prototypes early this year, and  loved them.  he spurred us on with some cash and now a new made one developed up to it’s eyeballs – sits proudly in his studio. and he was kind enough to write these words.

“I really have nothing but positive things to say about the ten8tor. It looks fantastic. Really nice big chunky knobs make it a pleasure to use. It feels like I imagine it would to operate an old russian submarine. Every day I pull the cover off it gives me a smile. Then there’s the sound, I swear simply plugging it in makes things sound better. There’s buckets of gain at the input and the 2 mid range knobs give you a massive degree of control. The high end is sweet and smooth. You can really “over do it” with out ending up with that horrible broken sound you get from lesser eq’s. There’s really a huge amount the ten8tor has to offer. With 4 bands and the high and low filters I wish I had one for every channel on my sound card.

I bought the luxury ten8tor as a mastering equalizer for it’s beautiful stereo sound and control but it’s very much become my main eq. I use it for everything from processing single tracks, overdubbing mono or stereo instruments to completely effecting the sound. The ten8tor is amazing for perfecting a sound subtly,  or to powerfully change it.”

and just about was i to post his testimonial a few days later when he wrote again.

“Just did my first mastering job with the ten8tor – It was really a pleasure. It’s a beautiful eq to use and made an amazing job on the track. I couldn’t ask for a better eq :)”

postcard from klangboy

ronan charles lives in the beautiful west australian hills around perth. he rolls with the ekadek klangenschmitt gogo 1 . klangboy 2009.
he’s been busy developing his studio enviroment. and klang had a  problem with a switch. it got banged or something. he decided to fix it himself and i had just mailed him to say – hi – how’d it go? . his reply was my monday heart starter. brilliant.

I’m good thanks Eke.
Happy Father’s Day (Klang asked me to pass that along…)

Yes I did manage to get it in, beaded brow like a bomb defuser and full of
admiration for the absolute gazillion of more complicated wirings that you
performed inside this beauty. Attached are a couple of pics of the Klang
desk I built around him. I hope you aren’t too offended but I figured that I
may as well build him his own house and make it nice and sturdy and
permanent-like. Its all built around him like a wooden glove, without
removing any part so he could roll out of there when necessary. You can’t
see it in the murk but there are 2 little holes to get at the headphones
from the front.
It was joyful to finally plug him in again and hear just how outrageously good he
makes everything sound . Phenomenal thing this is.
In a way its been the touchstone of quality – it’s the reason I’m going to
so much care over the building of the place he lives in.
Oh btw: there are 2 black wires coming off the klang. Are they earths? I’ve
got 2 earth wires ready to connect to them if they are.
No problem with noise. I was nervous as hell plugging it in to speakers for
the first time. But its all rock solid. Thanks so much for the electrical advice and
assistance. Really helped me.

At the moment I’ve finished the control room, bass traps and all, and am
currently moved onto finishing of the live room. building a huge 20m2 wall
of diffusers to tame the reflections coming off the brick walls I built in
the big live room… Its gonna look great but will take a few more weeks.
Its been absolutely ages in the works, this place, but I figure I may as
well go gangbusters and head off some of the problems that I know are there
before I start rolling tape again. ahhh… what a dream…

hope everything is going great with you.
Can’t wait till I can bang on your door again for some more ekadek sound

the celestial lafayette luxman system

local jazz legend NATHAN HAINES has long time been a friend of ekadek.  so even though i don’t work on alot of domestic music equipment,  i did  make him a stereo system … which i think he loves. here’s his testimony. “My brief for Ekadek was simple – I wanted to play my jazz vinyl at home on a system that would replicate the listening pleasure afforded those when the records were new…in other words a valve amp with matched vintage speakers. After some searching Greg came up with the chassis of a mid 60’s Lafayette amp (with pre), then went about ordering parts from the US and getting the amp going perfect again. He also sourced a pair of Celestion Ditton 15 speakers from the 60’s at a very reasonable price. After buying an early 70’s Luxman turntable to match , I was understandably excited when he arrived at my house with the equipment in tow – another example of how Greg looks after his customers and really cares about the outcome of his work. I was astonished at the sound from the system – literally never before had I heard my vinyl sounding so translucent, real and defined – and this is with records I have owned for over 20 years! At home listening to records,  I have never been happier” Nathan Haines.

klang – first round knockout

this biggest single thing ive ever made just blew my client away by the sounds of it.  heres his first words after the first blasting with a brand new klangenschmitt gogo model. “KLANG IS HERE! I have been non-stop Klanging it up all afternoon ( btw: thanks for an amazing packing job.  it would have survived Armageddon in that crate). btw: The Ekadek wrestling cape is the best! I’m only now just resurfacing to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I admit I was lost lost lost for a while with its army of options – but I slowly had one a-ha moment after the other as I got to grips with it.  I haven’t been sleeping well since I knew it was in town – as excited as a little kid. She is more beautiful and nicely made than any photo could show – takes the light well from every angle and the power supply is like a diving bell had a fight with 20’s radio. matches the style of the meters. that hot rod touch came out really well with the hooded meters blinking away. build quality its universally superb. all the knobs have a strong feel and all the right ones are detented. the preamps too sound really strong – I’m still sussing the various gain stages sounds but they’re clear and clean with just the right amount of over the top as the pedal hits the metal.  Our singer had a test and was loving them for her voice. The Klangenschmitt  just makes music sound exciting – I hear all kinds of intricate details from my speakers that I wasn’t getting before. gutsy too – like just the amount of gravy is always there on ..err..tap J.   Its like a transformer ( the robot kind ) has just collapsed into my room with the mission of making my stuff sound better and giving me a better way of working. You completely went to town and I’m humbled by this beast of a thing –  so many other things to mention – the busses had me mega confused until I realized that you’d pulled them off without them actually ‘using up’ a channel – sort of as assignable as a digital system – its genius! plus with each able to run 2 ( or 3 with the d.i ) channels – it makes a/b-ing a cinch. it does the boogaloo with options to the point where I can’t really see running out of channels for anything –   Its so original and inspired. it just takes everything and suggests really interesting ways of working. monitoring is uncannily easy – the ‘monitor mode’ is a really nice idea with the A buss taking control . same too with all the soloing and isolating options, the comprehensive right/left/mono/dim controls. plus the cool talkback button. the monitoring options are so slick – love those little silver buttons there too.   I haven’t had zero latency before and this whole step up to a console at the heart of the sound rather than the computer is a big deal for me. I have absolutely zero niggles with it –  it just completely blitzes anything I’ve ever seen on the market and it’s the sort of desk that could spawn a music style!  it has a timewarped vibe but the ideas are so fresh. thankyou again for thinking of everything and making it possible.  You totally aced it.  Its more powerful that I could have imagined and its perfect. love it. every last daleky , Russian spaceship and uber-audio bit of it. speak to you soon. yours extremely gratefully .ronan. thankyou ronan. for courageously going ahead with this whole project. a real mission (and an expensive one) and im dam pleased and proud of  the result. heres the last of my nz photos of my klangenschmitt  gogo (thats me in the blue shirt smiling and waving). on with the next projects now. im making a valve limiter/mic amp AND a custom format discrete silicon and germanium transistor mic amp – for a Portuguese client. and another console! for a nz client.