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amplifire mixers gang show

the ekadek &  igor and i have been super enterprising. and have completed all this gear over november – december period . state of mind’s 14/4/2/2/2 mixer for live GOGOmodel3 is off on first NZ summer tour.  and the ekatron matrix 16/6  & micro 10/2 auxiliary mixers  live in a box for now with the big 16 channel ekatron 32 tube   M.B one preamplifier. its their big  OE.

bbc neever amp

young igor has been working hard for his keep. the fruit of his labour will be  this eight channel all transistor microphone amp of fine pedigree. each channel comprises phantom power . pad . phase change.  200ohm balanced input (lundahl input txf)  and two stage amplifier .neve 538 first stage followed by the bbc am 7/11 line stage with floating balanced output.  we are loving the sound of this set up. so fat and luscious. cant wait to hear the 8 with a band plugged in. the bbc rack’s first job was in the broadcast radio&television system built for the christchurch commonwealth games of 1974. and the neve 538 design are of a similar vintage.

ampli-fire tubenator 16

this is the latest ekadek commission.  a totally fantastic 16 channel tube line amplifier. 32 tube total 20 rack units. this is the 25 kilohm sensitive floating front end destined to output onto the faders of a valve mixing console.  my client already has many fine flavoured mike pres and eqs and he needed a hi quality tube stage to steady all the different gains and strengths of that mixture of machines.  the 16 channels are all of the pultec MB1 two tube amplifier design  negative feedback gain controlled stages for low distortion & high gain. flat out dc to daylight freq response. and perfectly noiseless enough . these drawings are first off ideas that look pretty comic. but they were good renditions to speak about and refine into cnc able artwork. theres actually two chassis of eight channels each and a separate power supply. the metalwork is being made as i type cross fingers.

ekadek neever 835

here’s the newest all transistor no chip off the old ekadek block. just soaking up some studio ambiance before jetting away to sunny canada. it has dual quarto transistor amp feedback/gain controlled stages followed by the super fat super clean neve 535 dual line amplifier.  microphone input or an instrument direct input. good for +24dbm. low low noise.  phantom power. mic pad. phase reverse. full floating balanced output.

chunky fenkner. control room monitor

this  small chunky control room monitor console is built for extreme flexibility and control and accuracy.  it uses a neveish transistor control room amplifier with stereo/reverse/mono/soloL/soloR/spk A.B.C.switch/VU meters with adjustable calibration and a best quality headphone amplifier. fed from a 4 X stereo input listen select switch – mix/daw/aux1/aux2. the ‘mix’ selection to monitor an outboard summing mixer of  4 ( easily eight) stereo inputs fed from a multitrack soundcard. the passive mixer circuit and mix preamp could  be housed in an outboard  unit  along with a power supply and all the input/output terminations  . the mixed stereo signal flys back to the fenkner chunk pair of stepped level controls and feeds a neve 535 line output stage and a germanium output stage and mixes the two  for  double slamming sidechain action . a double power hunk’o’chunk.  stop me! the final  output signal would feed the mix output sockets as well as the ‘mix’ listen select position. other features are to be switched inserts across the mix preamp and the line outputs for external processors.  there’s a pair of mic/di amps in the rack unit too , just to make it a complete studio in a chunk. they have outputs that can be routed permanently to a pair of soundcard inputs as well as having independent level/panned/(or muted) outputs – lets call them mixer inputs 17-18 … punching direct into the multitrack sum for zero-latency monitoring. thus the system is uber functional. the most versatile chunk of gutsy electronics ever.  the rack unit is something like this. the bride of chunky.

i’m not kidding. they a complex multisexual beast. does it all.  simpler versions can easily be quoted of course. these other two fenkners have control room functions and mic/di amps. valve ones. pultec MB1 style amplifiers.

plate reverberation machine

heres some details of my newest obsession. a pair of old plate reverb frames were to either come to me, or left to rust utterly.  they need complete rebuilding. starting with the spring wire tensioner bolt arrangements. they are all rusted and weak. the plate verb sound is all about the plate being tensioned just right. so that the transducers can do their business. ive found some new spring wire and the hardened tags are being made. spring steel needs special tools. guilotines and hi speed diamond drills. i have made new tensioner adjustment bolts myself though. its quite a large project. the plate drivers have to made custom and the pickup devices to be sorted. there are driver amplifiers and pickup amps to make.  and i have to work on them to sell now. or i fear they would probable get chucked out in the way-future for whatever dam reason. so my obsessive compulsive gear junkie tweaking and geeking brain gets another good smacking. i will make some sound tests of the plates once they work. in the meantime please enjoy a smidgen of lulus latest number entitled microphone

klangenschmitt gogo2 soak testing

at last the frame paint is dry enough to soak test this beast. so close to delivery. i’m rapt with the sound of this klangenschmitt. really fat clean bottom end. so powerful with so much headroom. the functionality is extreme with busses and inserts everywhere. 99% integrated circuit-free for that super expanded fabulous unsubdued sound.  the small angled rack will be tony’s outboard machine. i actually had made 66% of that rack’o’gear for diogo in portugal. the deal came full back round south – all good for diogo tho. and tony and ekadek.  its a dam gutsy processor, with a tube mic amp and tube limiter amp, a transistor 3 way sweeping/filtering eq, a small shure mixer, and a stereo germanium line amplifier.

rolaverb V1 blast from the past

heres some pictures of a 2003 custom build that came home with a small but annoying intermittant  issue. actually worked out to be  oxide/fungus  between two signal weilding steel tags.  just needed a clean and tighten. couldn’t we all just.  the guts of this  machine was made in the early 1960s. not too bad. of course i completely ‘ruined’ the once perfectly functional 1/4″ full track tape recorder by  badbinning the tape transport and  hacking into its  multitude of preamplifiers with an  hammond organ spring tank. the rola pro77 was ideal. the little speaker power amp can dish it to the spring exciter and the tape replay amp can pick up the reverberating reflections of spring steelnes . the line input/mic channel … well is still the line input/mic channel.  the old ‘line input / tape replay’ switch becomes a  dry/wet function and ive put a ‘dry to mix in’ control into the reverb pickup amp. there’s also a kill switch ‘dead or alive’ .on the reverb spring drive. theres alot going on with all the preamp modifications. all manner of gain changing and tape eq circuit taming . the result is big fat ultra juicey verb. and you can effect the reverb time by dampening and freaking with the the top there. sugalicks runs this one. i was thinking that any old 3 head tape recorder amplifier channel could do this … so if youve got one spare laying around. get in touch . the tanks themselves are quite cheap and we can talk fair and square about a reasonable mod-freaking-experimenting fee for me and my kids. they kids help alot and need to be compensated.

anyways ….the klangenschmitt gogo2 mixer is almost completely freaking finished . just waiting for some paint to dry. its very cool – sounds amazing and looks utterly mad  :/

six vu meter bridge

today i needed to veer off track to prepare final fitment for the new made meter bridge attachmentisation to the control panel. its gone to the painters now for a transformer grey coating. the meters & the spare are old masters instruments sydney  vus. seventy mm cut out. fast like bullets. its an awesome looking thing. with just right angles and fatness shape.  it looks like a hot rod air scoop. dam expensive.

last drinks 2009

its the end of a great year. made some beaut gear. and music. and gained a few more good friends and clients.   progress has been steady for tony’s new klangenschmitt console. ive been juggling  many activities. the wiring from all the panel components is almost all done. just the balancing transformers to fit and wire. and then its circuit board manufacture. and power supply. and vu meter cabinet fitment. and then total galvanised cabinetisation with paint. boooom!

klangenschmitt gogo model 2

friday i got the new mixer panel back from the painters. last week i’d letter stamped it and now its ready to start building onto. its a 20 input channel – into 4 recording subgroups – into stereo2mix –  recording/mixing board with 2 auxiliary sends. 4  input channels have microphone inputs. 8 are instrument or line channels. 4 are simple direct to mix returns. then there are 4 tape monitoring channels. theres an afl system. and control room listening switcher. and a test audio oscillator. there will be a bridge of  6 vu meters in that space provided. a fairly large build actually. next photo will be with all the parts fitted to the panel ready for wiring up.

postcard to portugal

a client in portugal wanted something completely hot rod. so after many interweb deliberations i/we have designed and made this 11 rack unit audio submarine amplifier.  5 microphone channels – 1 fat lady valve limiter amp – germanium mic amp line amp preamp –  silicon transistor mic amp/mixing amp. and a valve mic amp.  i made a pretty special rate up for the cousteau diogo hot rod submarine .a heap of bang for not a lot (euro)buck. seeing as i’ve been able to pretty much make these items out of parts in stock. yep … it mite seem to look scruffy but i know hes going to be  blown away by how it all sounds.  and it is as tidy as it requires to be. any tidier would not sound any better. and i dont mind a messey household sometimes. lifes too short. im up to the final stages now of repainting the rustiest panel – then labelling and fitting some galvanised steel covers.

klang – first round knockout

this biggest single thing ive ever made just blew my client away by the sounds of it.  heres his first words after the first blasting with a brand new klangenschmitt gogo model. “KLANG IS HERE! I have been non-stop Klanging it up all afternoon ( btw: thanks for an amazing packing job.  it would have survived Armageddon in that crate). btw: The Ekadek wrestling cape is the best! I’m only now just resurfacing to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I admit I was lost lost lost for a while with its army of options – but I slowly had one a-ha moment after the other as I got to grips with it.  I haven’t been sleeping well since I knew it was in town – as excited as a little kid. She is more beautiful and nicely made than any photo could show – takes the light well from every angle and the power supply is like a diving bell had a fight with 20’s radio. matches the style of the meters. that hot rod touch came out really well with the hooded meters blinking away. build quality its universally superb. all the knobs have a strong feel and all the right ones are detented. the preamps too sound really strong – I’m still sussing the various gain stages sounds but they’re clear and clean with just the right amount of over the top as the pedal hits the metal.  Our singer had a test and was loving them for her voice. The Klangenschmitt  just makes music sound exciting – I hear all kinds of intricate details from my speakers that I wasn’t getting before. gutsy too – like just the amount of gravy is always there on ..err..tap J.   Its like a transformer ( the robot kind ) has just collapsed into my room with the mission of making my stuff sound better and giving me a better way of working. You completely went to town and I’m humbled by this beast of a thing –  so many other things to mention – the busses had me mega confused until I realized that you’d pulled them off without them actually ‘using up’ a channel – sort of as assignable as a digital system – its genius! plus with each able to run 2 ( or 3 with the d.i ) channels – it makes a/b-ing a cinch. it does the boogaloo with options to the point where I can’t really see running out of channels for anything –   Its so original and inspired. it just takes everything and suggests really interesting ways of working. monitoring is uncannily easy – the ‘monitor mode’ is a really nice idea with the A buss taking control . same too with all the soloing and isolating options, the comprehensive right/left/mono/dim controls. plus the cool talkback button. the monitoring options are so slick – love those little silver buttons there too.   I haven’t had zero latency before and this whole step up to a console at the heart of the sound rather than the computer is a big deal for me. I have absolutely zero niggles with it –  it just completely blitzes anything I’ve ever seen on the market and it’s the sort of desk that could spawn a music style!  it has a timewarped vibe but the ideas are so fresh. thankyou again for thinking of everything and making it possible.  You totally aced it.  Its more powerful that I could have imagined and its perfect. love it. every last daleky , Russian spaceship and uber-audio bit of it. speak to you soon. yours extremely gratefully .ronan. thankyou ronan. for courageously going ahead with this whole project. a real mission (and an expensive one) and im dam pleased and proud of  the result. heres the last of my nz photos of my klangenschmitt  gogo (thats me in the blue shirt smiling and waving). on with the next projects now. im making a valve limiter/mic amp AND a custom format discrete silicon and germanium transistor mic amp – for a Portuguese client. and another console! for a nz client.

klangenschmitt . gogo model

just in the last push to the finish line now. ive been testing and calibrating and playing today with all kinds of audio sources. mostly to try and work out a satisfying meter level. having the klang channels all fired up  inside to sound good. and what one sees to look like on the meters. o set. and then matching that into a soundcard device’s headroom. juggling. more complicated systems than this one have all sorts of buffer amplifier stages to make it seem right. the klang boy is free from that mutation.  but where to set the meters eh?    +10 for the entire board sounds great! “but can e take it capn . converters gonna blow”  igor is madly rear engineering the main neve 535 boards so as uncover a possible solution part. my gut feeling (tho fruitful his labour will be) is that the amplifier has to go just as fat as a big fat amplifier has to go to feel good. im just raving … heres the movie.

Klang : The Movie

the hood is up

the patchbay and multicores are all done now. thanks to these cute little robot-girl helpers.

klangenschmitt gogo man

just another busy and oh-so productive day in the workshop. …  igor and me decided to take klang for a walk. this pile of electronics is his heart and veins and nerves on the morning of  assimilation surgery. there’s 17 discrete op amps – 9 integrated circuit mix amps set to virtual zero buss pickup – hifi phones amp – talk-back amp – and 20 channels of neve line power amplification. we’re making life down here. igors hump is itching and more ekadek juice is boiling in the attic. there’s a fair amount of preparatory stages yet before firing up klang gogo. an essential long list of intricate details  – and klang gathers steam and funk.


heres where the klang is right now. ive been preparing all the channel wiring/circuits ready to build the mixing buses. they will lay horizontal across the channels. nine of them. nine hard wired steel buses supported by their mixing resistors. crazy but effective. who need circuit boards. (well. i do actually) this whole top chassis is about 1/2 way finished up to the next step. …. the making of and inserting of my new BUG DOC s  . 12 matchbook size handmade discrete operational amps and 9 hi-spec intergrated circuit mix amps. then hifi headphone amp. talkback amp. pfl system . etc etc . my head spins with it all. ohh and then theres the 22 signal power amplifiers .15 zillion connection patching bay . and beauty salon appointments.


these photos are of the neve ten81 i finished making in june09. believe me it was quite a mission. not only for its complexity but also due to the instructions being incomplete and sometimes incorrect. the ten81 has a mic/line input and an equalizer in four separate frequency sections and a powerful high and low filter section. a truly fabulous sounding tool. a surgical sword and sonic sledgehammer in one.  heres some conversation between my australian client and myself post delivery (he loves it and its his favorite toy) Hi Eke, Well some of the controls are still as deeply lost to my understanding as hieroglyphics– I mean I want to understand it with my right brain ( or is that left?) but my left ( or is that right?) tells me to just go with it and play into it like a saxophone. Between the different clunks and turns seems the ability to do with sounds what I have been wanting to for ages. There is so much right about the sound of this pre/eq that I don’t know where to start. Is it possible to make it sound bad?? How?? Every combination I’ve tired for the last few hours just seems to work. I think I want to just learn to understand it instictively – that my hand reaches for it and with a few turns the lighting on the sound sweeps over the different clefts and niches of the sound.  Dull sources get this kind of beautiful ancient light shone on them.  ( my reply) “hey. so glad you are loving that.  shes a powerful axe and best treated with care tho.. for she will.  as is womanly want .. bite you when you least expect it.  recording too much boosting of frequencies as to shine a sound up sooo much. as then when mixed in with all the other shined up sound morsels. the soup will be all brightened tastes with reduced depth. too many shiney things for anything to shine gently anymore.  delicious miso mixes uncomfortably with ice cream. miss neve is very good at wipeing away a sound into a lovely murky background too . setting the mysterious glorious black back wall of fat black big blackness” Wise words on the soup recipe, chef. the new shining powers it holds might just burn my eye out occasionally. It’s a chainsaw and a scalpel. hilariously powerful and being able to go so far as adding 18db seems like it should bust some law of audio. but it doesn’t. I’m just about to get going on another dive in …  am finding that I have fallen in love with things like acoustic guitar all over again – it just sounds so good through that pre. everything really. I just tuned up the pianos as well to give them a workout on them over the week end. that overdrive is legendary for front end boosting and they pair wonderfully well with the fat ladies as well for maximum girthosity. ah.. they really have kicked me off and I have a few new tunes brewing.”

well .. theres not much as satisfying than a satisfied and inspired client. perfect for me AND a great ad for rupert neve actually . thanks man. you designed a good thing and the challenge of repeating your work was so enlightening and confidence building. thankyou!


i have a ton of gear making atm. those crazy electric badge dudes have hired me to make this small recording console. so my days are filled with the million details it takes to handmake a thing like this.  12  recording channels/direct outputs (8 with mic amps). two stereo mix busses. 4 aux mix busses. afl/pfl-ed up to the earballs.  thats a 9 x handmade  buss mixer! lo-fi talkback & hi-fi phones amp. big old (ex rca transmitter circa 1942)  vu meters . and a full loaded termination/patching bay connecting ronans entire studio to it .  uses all new old stock neve electronics. b538 as preamps and b535 line poweramps. awesome fatness!  these photos are all about the big picture coming quickly together ready for the deal of intense electro engineering. thanks nalco aluminium for cnc routing the panel up and to ryan @ powersurge metalworks for making the console frame. and to mathew at fabrika building design for the panel drilling co-ordinates.


heres the start of a  new live rig mixer project/product. six inputs &  four mixed outputs. 1 – main (mono) 2 – echo send. 3 – reverb send. 4 – cue send. the echo & reverb sends can be killed or momentary pulse switched using the keyboard switches. the key switches are light to touch and quite springy . very easy to play. the cue send switch has a playable momentary half to its on action also. the four mix amps will be my clone of the two tube pultec MB1 amp. the whole mixer is totally fat. no flab. tuned for maximum playability and simplicity.


sold to one of my biggest fans. leslie boinkin. he wanted this stack of gear  because ”  I love it love it love it, and  so many thanks. this is all i ever wanted and dreamed of ! no shit. it is like a dream come true”. i made the price of this ‘threesome’ low low low for leslie because i want to clear my studio out and build all new gear with all the parts i got. more limiters and eqs and a flash new mixer extension.  a new tape echo design. and a control mixer/tester for mr ampex. anyways … back to the stack. ROJER VALVE EQ is on top. boosting – cutting top and bottom end with a graduated hi cutting filter too. for taming those sometimes too scratchy high frequencies. rojer’s final amp is a PULTEC MB1 (my clone) so it has a real powerful line sound. theres a microphone stage before the eq that has adjustable negative feedback gain control. phantom 48 volts is swithable.  BRIAN IS A FATLADY VARI MU LIMITING AMPLIFIER . i use a matched pair of EF83 remote cutoff tubes and a balanced voltage amp 12ax7 12au7. the control signal is derived from a 6al5 and a regulator tube 150b2 is also in the circuit. the metering is driven from a 12au7. the attack / release controls have very useful & dramatic characteristics. at bottom FENKNER 08 is  several devices built into one. a whole studio in a box. twin channel mic / direct instrument amplifier AND outboard stereo panning mixer 8 channels AND control room monitor switcher  AND heaphone monitor switcher. all with neve B535 & B538 electronics.

KLANKSTRAAT. the big mono chain

klankstraat the big mono chain

i got email from michel in belgium. he is a professional sound designer working mostly/entirely inside a computer. he sent me four instrument stems of his music and I pumped them thru the BIG MONO CHAIN we had discussed.  its an 8 rack unit high sound machine comprising  3WAYS VALVE EQ and EKADEK PULTEC MB1  MIC/DIRECT INSTRUMENT PREAMP and ZEPHYR FAT LADY LIMITING AMPLIFIER.  he wanted gear that was really effective at a low low price so i decided to package three great prototype items from my recording rig for him. i can make the price low because ive forgotten how long they took to make..  ha ha. all i’ll do before delivering are cosmetic (actually what i love to do) .  re – panel and paint and label and switching patchbay and power supply unit. (whats the mains voltage in belgium btw . anyways … i sent the processed  stems and a ruff mixture to him and he got back the next day. these are his words. (thanks michel for permission to reprint)

“Hey ek, As i might have expected it sounds SUPER FAT. Glad the children enjoyed it to 🙂 the bounce i gave you was quite boring soundwise. After the big mono chain treatment IT REALLY SOUNDS VERY SPECIAL. NOT LIKE ANYTHING I’VE HEARD BEFORE. I’ve been listening to it over and over because it suddenly has this kind of energy to it. It seems to trade in some of the digital clarity for straight up sex appeal.You were indeed quite bitchy to the sound, but i do suspect that you can deo some nice subtle things with it to.I could clearly hear the use of the eq. I love the variations with the eq. Every setting sounded clearly different but surprisingly all of them sounded really good on the sound.I had put a little reverb on the percussion parts. The comp instantly created a clap sound to dream of! The whole ‘edgy thing’ of the unit is unbilievable. That is really something i’ve been looking for especially on synth parts. I’ve been trying to recreate it digitally with the SPL vintagewarmer plugin the SSL buscomp, and a n Oxford filter plugin but it just doesn’t have that bit of extra touch. I’m going to have another go with it, as an experiment, i’ll let you know how it went… “

what i think about plug ins …  is that they sound great. they work and they are cheap .. hell. mostly free!. and their settings are recorded with the session therefore repeatable and adjustable .. forever. all good.

in the end though .. call me old fashioned .. its that final push and electric analog feel that makes a thing that really sounds good. and finished. walk away.

between us we  decided a name for this big mono chain …. KLANKSTRAAT.  a very cool Flemish word. i think it means  ‘music/sound  street’. the above pic is a compile. below is what i made  (except that ive put the limiter meter on upside-down in an effort to create a ‘gain reducing’ visual context. what the?   ive built the mic pre into some spare space inside the eq chassis and bolted the limiter and eq together after making fresh control panels. hotrodding rules. this klankin street is just waiting for a new back cover (pants) and bottom panel cover (underpants) to be made and fitted.

friend of ekadek

famous jazz musician and producer nathan haines has borrowed gear from me a couple of times. has loved it and has written these kind words.“I have used Greg’s equipment on several sessions and I have to say it’s fantastic sounding gear! Warm, translucent and with that real ‘vintage’ sound. His pre-amps are perfect for adding depth and character to any instrument or voice.”

hes talking about the cute MB1 valve mic amp called PHILLIP

and the ekadek/neve 535/538 all transistor stereo mic amp. theres a four channel channel version eka/neve 535/538 too.

fatlady twins have left the building

a west australian client Ronan Charles is awaiting delivery of this fine pair of FAT LADY varimu limiting amplifiers. i built these two (and three others) in melbourne 1998. they’ve been in my recording mixing rig since about 2004 and have just received plenty TLC ready for their new situation. of course i got a new set underway, a dual chassis this time (because i have several emptied ones) . heres the design and a panel layout. i have most/all the electronic parts here too. the studio is quite busy coming up to christmas so i got next to no time to make my new twin fatlady.

meanwhile.. back on the w.a ranch… Ronan’s fat ladys arrived fed ex friday afternoon. and his first response . “Seriously – WOOWOO-F-ING-HOOHOO.They are here and blowing my head off! Been running a drum machine as a test for the fast transients and trying all the positions. So much power in these babes – huge huge. Subtle and smooth as well.They blow my drawmer out of the water for depth and range – and pure sex appeal.They seem to love attitude – do lovely things to a distorted signal. Bass is massive – nice and clear if you wanna or dirty it up. so good! Can’t wait to track real drums with them and plug in the moog.” (and the next day) “Just can’t stop playing with ’em.I’m drunk with sonic pleasure- jeez the distortion is so juicy on NO and especially NO out to GO just sounds amazing.Thanks again for such an inspiring piece of gear with so much to offer.” i cant (dont want to) shut this guy up. heres more enthuising a few days later “Those big juicy dials just help a lot in general exploration and zeroing in what sounds good. I tracked some drums over the weekend to experiment with them a bit more. Found some great bass drum sounds with the NO setting – which of course kinda compresses anyway.  GO is plenty fast and made for snare.  Definitely my new GO-to chain for vox as well. I really love it. what a bloody magnificent beauty. I hope I do them justice. Metering is excellent. I can really see what is going on at the different attack and release speeds. “

anritsu electric company

this old pilot oscillator unit is useless. i got it from an auction with some other treasure and boat anchors.  it’s perfect for a mixer. 8 channels. volume. pan. mute.  the neve b535 board will be the pick up amp. its going to be  very simple. fat & clear. the all transistor neve boards are stunning. i’ll add a control room monitor section and  twin microphone/instrument preamp. quite  the complete juicy front and back end in one beaut box. the two upper photos are of a mock layout and of the new panel ready for clear coating.

ekadekatron. fat ladys. 3WAYs.

the ekadekatron. two fat lady vari mu limiting amplifiers. and a two 3 WAYS equalizers. 18 tubes total. goes like stink! adam (empire audio labs) reckons the eq is better and more effective than a pultec eqp1a. and the limiter amps are like a mothers love (?) but hey! enough with the similie. they have their own sound dimension believe me. please send a short sound file to test me.


venn fender blues deville. two heads in one.

david (venn prod. & karretta) had been playing two blue devilles for a while and wanted to join/control them together somehow. so i made a new plywood cabinet – strapped the amps together – added the stereo controls – added a stereo power soaking line output device. the whole kit sounds fantastic … the speakers sound has improved from not having the chassis in them too. they have rounder fuller tone.. more resonant.

ekadek junk audio pimping

for years i been collecting old portable amplifier and tape recorder chassis. old radios/stereos and public address systems. even 19″ rack cabinets and other fancy cake tins. they all can make characterful cabinets for new things. ive mostly built pultec MB1 microphone/di amplifiers into them.

my latest one has a mic amp and beaut equaliser going on. meet rojer.

the eq design is from a peculiar old american hi fi amp. that eq idea coupled with a mic matching front end and a MB1 final amp makes for a tight three tube chassis. the sound of the entire thing is really strong and sweet. massively deep bass boost or cut. transparent top end boost and cut. and an extra hi frequency filter to smooth off any harshness. the bass and treble controls are very independant and the midrange is always rock solid right there. fat and true. so send a sound file of yours to test it.